Japan From Home is the website which provides virtual tours, experiences, and workshops in Japan. When you can`t physically travel but want to connect local people, Japan From Home is the perfect option for you. You can chat or speak with the guides in real time to know more about Japan while you are connected.
All the products are carefully selected and monitored by experienced staff from Ayabex Inc, local tour operator based in Japan who manage Japan From Home to keep the best quality and high level of service. Once you will be able to travel, we are happy to connect with the guides you spend time on-line and spend another time with them when you visit Japan.


NAME Ayabex Inc.
Address 11 Saiwaidori, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto 623-0052, Japan
Phone 0773-45-8088 (from outside Japan: +81-773-45-8088)
Fax 0773-45-8089 (from outside Japan: +81-773-45-8089)
Established July 19, 2013
Business fields Travel arrangements and package tours for visitors to Japan
Affiliated company Plus Tourist Corporation
Main bank Kyoto Hokuto Shinkin Bank
The Bank of Kyoto, Ayabe Branch
Mizuho Bank, Kyoto Branch
Tourist organizations
registered with
  • All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)
  • Kyoto Convention Bureau (supporting member)
  • Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (supporting member; pending application)
  • Certified by Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21 for support in the creation of new business
  • Certified by the Kyoto prefectural government as a Genki-jirushi small- and medium-sized enterprise

Kyoto Head Office


11 Saiwaidori, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto 623-0052, Japan
Tel: +81-773-45-8088
Fax: +81-773-45-8089
Hours: 9:00–18:00 (closed Sat., Sun., and public holidays)

Tokyo Office


AOYAMA ALLAMANDA WORK COURT, 3F Puraseo aoyama Bldg., 2-7-13 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-6886-0107
Fax: +81-3-4335-0626
Hours: 10:00–19:00 (closed Sat., Sun., and public holidays)

Osaka Office


BIZcomfort Osakahonmachi-west Room13 Itachibori square Bldg., 8F 1-4-12 Itachibori Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0012, JAPAN
Tel: +81-6-7222-0430
Fax: +81-6-7732-8828
Hours: 9:30–18:30 (closed Sat., Sun., and public holidays)